How Does Form 8849 Affect My Form 2290? Are you filing Form 2290 online? Did you get the notification about Form 8849? As 2290 tax season has begun, most of the truckers get confused and have a lot of questions in their mind. When e-filing HVUT returns you’ll get the notification about Form 8849. By adding credit vehicle information, the excise tax for the current tax year can be reduced.

No idea about Why 8849 is coming in Form 2290 filing? Don’t worry! We will let you know how 8849 affects 2290 Tax Return. Moreover, we provide you information about the uses of 8849 Form, and why a trucker must file 8849.

What is the use of Form 8849?

In general, Form 8849 used to request refund request on excise taxes paid in the prior year. Following are the uses of Form 8849:

  • Using 8849, a taxpayer can claim his/her credit on the next 2290 Tax Form in the same tax year or next tax year;
  • Truck owner can request a refund on the tax paid. The refund amount depends on the type of claim.
  • To claim or credit taxes paid when the vehicle uses less than the mileage threshold at the end of the tax period.

Why a taxpayer must file Form 8849?

There are numerous reasons why a taxpayer must file 8849 Form. Among those, the most common one is when the vehicle is sold/stolen/destroyed after paying the truck tax for the tax period. In such case, the truck owner can file 8849 and request the refund against the HVUT paid on the previous vehicle. Moreover, if you pay the taxes twice or mistakenly for the same vehicle you can claim the refund. This could happen when the taxpayer mistakenly adds the first truck when filing 2290 Tax Form for the new truck. When you mistakenly add the previous vehicle along with the new vehicle, the IRS system will not find the duplicate forms. Finally, the taxpayer will end up paying twice for single vehicle. In that scenario, the trucker can request the money back by filing 8849Form.

When to file IRS Form 2290?

IRS 2290 Tax Form must be filed by the trucker who operates business or trade using taxable or suspended vehicles on public roads within US. Additionally, the trucker needs to report the excise taxes paid on using taxable vehicles weighing 55,000 pounds or more on highways. A commercial vehicle, agricultural vehicle, or logging vehicle using public roads for more than 5,000 miles are taxable.

Given below are the circumstances for Form 2290 filing:

  • If you purchase a truck in the middle of the tax period;
  • When the suspended vehicle meets the taxable vehicle criteria;
  • To report the Highway taxes paid for an already existing vehicle;

What are the circumstances to include Form 8849 requests on the same Form 2290?

The most common circumstance to pick 8849 Form is when the vehicle’s mileage is not exceeded in the prior year. In that case, the trucker can include 8849 requests on the same 2290 return. By including 8849 Form details, the credit is applied towards the new vehicle. Thus, the truck owner can save money along with time. Moreover, it’s not mandatory to always file 8849 along with 2290 Tax Form. You can include the credit vehicle details when filing HVUT return for the new or existing vehicle in the current year.

For example, if you have purchased a new truck in 2021 tax year. In the prior year, the existing truck didn’t cross the minimum mileage threshold of 2290 Form. Then the vehicle is considered as credit vehicle. You can include previous vehicle details and claim the credits on the new 2290 Tax Form.

Form 2290 is the IRS trusted e-file provider. We provide an e-filing service to pay truck taxes by filing 2290 Tax Form. Additionally, you can request a refund by filing 8849 with us. Or otherwise, you can provide credit vehicle details when filing the new 2290 Form. We adjust the excise taxes with credits and provide information about how much you owe to the IRS.

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