Truck Driver Filing Taxes: If you are a truck operator, then you must need to know which expenses are deductible and which are not.  Truckers can deduct some expenses from their income. Here, we provide some truck driver tax-related information.

Truck Driver Tax Forms

If you are a company driver, then you must file the W-2 form. The W-2 form reports the trucker’s income. Employers must mail these W-2 forms to the employees by the end of January. As a trucker, you must report this income on form 1040 or 1040A. Form 1040EZ does not all truckers to take advantage of trucking industry deductions. If you worked as an independent contractor, then you will get 1099. It is used to report various types of payments.

Truck Driver Tax Deductions

The Internal Revenue Service permits truck drivers to deduct ordinary and mandatory business expenses.

Truck Maintenance

If you are a driver and you pay out of pocket for truck maintenance and supplies, then you may be able to take these costs. The expenses can cover oil changes, new tires, washer fluid, and cleaning supplies. You cannot deduct it if your employer reimburses.

Union Fees

You can deduct from your taxable income if you pay fees as part of a union or trucking industry organization.


If your employer does not pay for uniforms and they required it, then the cost of the uniform is deductible. The uniform includes gloves, goggles, or boots. When you are away from home, cleaning expenses for your uniforms also deductable.

Office Supplies

If you use office supplies like logbooks, clipboards, writing supplies to keep track of your route, then office suppliers are deductible.

Electronic Devices

If you have a mobile that can only use for work, you can deduct associated costs from your tax return.

Travel Expenses

If you are traveling a different place and you stayed in the hotel, then the total expenses related to traveling can be deductable.

Work-related Charges

Trucker several work-related charges are tax-deductible. They include drug testing cost, driver license renewal amount, and DOT physical exams.

Tips for Filing Truck Driver Taxes

  • Truckers can claim mileage as a deduction but not at standard rates. If your truck can not exceed the 5,000 mileage, then you can claim credit from the tax.
  • The driver cannot claim tax deductions for expenses his employer reimburses.
  • Tax software does a good job, but it is not the same as hiring an expert. If your income tax has increased in the last few years, then you must hire a tax preparer.
  • You must hold on to your receipts. The Internal Revenue Service can audit tax returns up to seven years old. So, you can store your receipts for at least five years to be safe.

Truck Driver Filing Taxes. It is mandatory to know all the rules and deductions you can take when filing taxes. There are particular rules for claiming deductions for truck drivers. If you need any extra help, then request a tax professional to review your accounts.

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