If you are Filing Heavy Vehicle Use Tax 2290 then you must know that, heavy vehicles which are under the taxable heavy vehicle category?
And vehicles which are under the tax exempted heavy vehicles? By knowing the difference between the heavy vehicles and types of heavy vehicles, you can easily calculate your 2290 Tax amount. At our website, you will get all the services related to the Heavy Road Tax Form 2290 including the Form 2290 Filing and the 2290 Heavy Highway Tax payment.

Different Types of Heavy Vehicles

As a 2290 Filers, you have to know the different types of heavy vehicles. They are
  1. Taxable Vehicles
  2. Tax Exempted Vehicles
  3. Logging Vehicles
  4. Non Logging Vehicles
  5. Suspended Vehicles

1. Taxable Vehicles

As per the 2290 IRS criteria, Heavy vehicles which are reaching the IRS criteria must File Form 2290 and pay 2290 Heavy Highway Tax before the 2290 Due Date. The IRS 2290 criteria are
  1. The gross weight of the heavy vehicle greater than or equal to 55000 pounds.
  2. The mileage of the heavy vehicle limits to up to 5000 miles.
  3. The mileage of an agriculture vehicle limits to up to 7500 miles.
If your heavy vehicle reaches the above 2290 IRS criteria then you must File IRS Form 2290 and Pay 2290 Tax amount before the IRS 2290 Due Date. Otherwise, you have to pay the penalty on your 2290 Heavy Highway Tax amount. Heavy Vehicles, which are having more than or equal to 55000 pounds weight are damages the highway roads. So, the Internal Revenue Service will collect the 2290 Tax Returns from the heavy vehicle owners.

2. Tax Exempted Vehicles

Some of the heavy vehicles are exempted from the 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax amount. Heavy vehicles, which are operated under the below departments are exempted from the 2290 Tax amount. They are
  1. The Federal Government
  2. The American National Red Cross
  3. A State or Local Government
  4. A Non – Profit Fire Department, Rescue Squad and Ambulance Department
  5. Indian Tribal government, which used to carry out the essential properties of the Indian Government.
  6. Qualified Blood Collector vehicles, which are collecting, transporting, and storing blood from the certified blood collector organization.
The above-mentioned heavy vehicles are exempted from the IRS 2290 Tax payment.

3. Logging Vehicles

The heavy vehicles, which used to transport the forestry products or harvested products from the Forest and to the Forest or within the Forest then that heavy vehicle called as logging vehicle. You have to select a logging vehicle option, in the 2290 Tax Calculation process. By selecting the logging vehicle option, you can get the less 2290 Heavy Use Tax payment amount.

4. Non – Logging Vehicles

If your heavy vehicle used for transportation on public highways except for the Forestry products transportation then that particular heavy vehicle is considered as a non – logging vehicle. When you calculating the IRS 2290 Tax amount with our website, you have to select the non – logging vehicle option. The non – logging vehicle category heavy vehicles get more Highway Use Tax 2290 amount compared to the logging vehicle category heavy vehicles.

5. Suspended Vehicles

When the mileage of the heavy vehicle is below 5000 miles or for an agriculture vehicle’s mileage limit is below 7500 miles, then that particular heavy vehicle considered as under the suspended vehicle category. If your heavy vehicle doesn’t cross the 2290 IRS criteria mileage limits then you don’t want to pay 2290 Heavy Highway Use Tax Amount in that year. The above-mentioned heavy vehicles are different types of heavy vehicles for Highway Use Tax 2290 Filing and the 2290 Road Tax payment. If you have any stolen, sold, and destroyed the heavy vehicle, then you have mentioned that thing while the 2290 IRS E File process to exempt from the 2290 Tax Form Payment.

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