If you are filing the IRS Form 2290 for the first time, then it’s very common to make mistakes.You can avoid the mistakes by following our article, you can get the awareness about error correction, you know why you are getting mistakes while filing Form 2290 Online?

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What is Form 2290?

HVUT Form 2290, is used to report the heavy highway vehicles to the Internal Revenue Office (IRS) for the payment of 2290 tax returns. To pay 2290 online, you must file your highway tax 2290 through e- filing or paper filing. While filing your IRS Form 2290, you made several mistakes. Just have a look at the common mistakes you made while Filing 2290 online.

Common Mistakes to Avoid on Filing Form 2290

While filing 2290 online, you will do some common mistakes. They are

  1. Incorrect VIN
  2. Wrong EIN
  3. Incorrect first used month of the vehicle
  4. Inappropriate filing status
  5. Wrong weight of the vehicle
  6. Incorrect filing year
  7. Problem with the EIN registration
  8. Tax calculation errors

Incorrect VIN:

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is very important for the 2290 IRS E File process. The VIN number is 17 digits long number. The vehicle identification number is used for vehicle identification purposes, to identify heavy vehicles by the IRS in the 2290 tax process. If you enter any wrong digit or number or misplacing of the numbers or digits or if you enter less than 17 digits number at the place of VIN, then the IRS will reject your 2290 Heavy Road Tax Form online filing.

Wrong EIN:

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is used for business identification purposes in the 2290 tax returns. The EIN number is a nine digits number. The IRS will accept only the EIN number which is present in the IRS database records. If you enter social security number at the place of EIN number or if you misplace any digit or number or entering any wrong digit at the place of EIN number, then your 2290 Highway Use Tax Form will be rejected by the IRS.

Incorrect details of First Used Month of the Vehicle:

If you buy a new heavy vehicle in the month of October, then October is the first use month of your vehicle. You must enter your first use month of the vehicle, to get the exact payable amount of the 2290 tax form. If you enter the incorrect first use month details of your vehicle, then your E File 2290 process time will be delayed and you get wrong 2290 Tax amount.

Inappropriate Filing Status:

The heavy vehicle owners must know the mileage of their vehicles either it is fewer than 5000 mile or more than 5000 miles. If your vehicle mileage is fewer than 5000 miles, then you have to select the suspended vehicle in 2290 Tax Form. If your vehicle mileage is more than 5000 miles, then you can submit a Form 2290 as a taxable vehicle.

Wrong Gross Weight of the Vehicle:

Based on the Form 2290 instructions the gross weight of the heavy vehicle must be below 55000 pounds. If your heavy vehicle crossed the 55000 pounds weight then you must File 2290. If you submit the wrong gross weight of your heavy vehicle then you get wrong 2290 Heavy Highway Use Tax amount.

Incorrect Filing Year:

While filing 2290 highway use tax online, you have to select the correct tax year for the 2290 tax returns. If you want to pre-file your IRS 2290 online, then select the current year option for advance payment. So, make sure that while selecting the 2290 tax year.

Problem with the EIN Registration:

If you lose your employer identification number while Form 2290 online filing time, then you have to apply for new EIN. The new EIN number will take 10 to 15 days for validation by the IRS. So, before one month of your Road tax 2290 filing, you must apply for your new EIN number.

Tax Calculation Errors:

Tax calculation will be done based on the 2290 tax year, the number of heavy vehicles and 2290 due date. If any penalty is applicable for your 2290 highway use tax, then the 2290 tax calculation task is a very risky process. So, make sure that tax year and exact tax amount, when you pay 2290 online.

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