Tax Form 2290 must be filed annually for the heavy vehicles whose gross weight is equal or more than 55,000 pounds. Also, if the mileage limit of a vehicle increases than 5,000 miles then also truckers need to File Form 2290 and Pay Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. Filing 2290 Online is an easy and time-saving process. Therefore, many of the truckers started filing and paying 2290 Tax Online. How to pay Heavy Highway Use Tax in an online. What are the options for IRS 2290 Online Payment? Let’s have a look at the clear details of IRS 2290 Online Filing and Payment.

Tax Form 2290 Payment Options

Truckers need to File IRS Form 2290 by entering all the details. Then the next step is to pay an amount of Heavy Highway Tax. An IRS Provided four different methods to pay Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax. You can choose any of the IRS Payment methods to pay your tax. Different methods need different requirements. Have a look at each and every payment option then start your tax payment by selecting your comfort payment option.
1. Credit or Debit Card
2. Direct Debit or Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW)
3. EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)
4. Check or Money Order

Credit or Debit Card

The new feature added to the 2290 payment options. Now HVUT 2290 Payment can make through Credit or Debit Card. By using credit or debit card, you can pay from anywhere using a phone, internet, or mobile. You can have secure filing by filing with Credit or Debit Card from You need to pay convenience fee while paying Heavy Use Tax.


1. Easy to Pay.
2. Very Convenient.
3. Time-saving payment option.
4. Perfectly Suitable for Efile Form 2290.

Direct Debit or Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW)

You can pay HVUT 2290 by Direct Debit or Electronic Funds Withdrawal after Efile 2290 Form. The IRS can deduct the amount from your bank account after checking the Tax Amount. To access Tax amount from your account, you need to provide a bank account number and also routing number.
You should provide the exact information of Account Number and Routing Number. If any details entered wrong then an IRS can’t able to debit an amount from your account. Mostly, an IRS can gather the amount within 24-48 hours. The IRS tries to debit the amount only once therefore, you must take care while giving your bank account details.


1. The convenient payment method and can use by Individual and business filers.
2. It’s secure and safe.
3. Bank account information is safe and won’t be disclosed to anyone for any reason except processing authorized payment transactions.

EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)

It is easy to File Form 2290 Online and to pay 2290 Tax with Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). But you should create an account in an EFTPS. It takes 10 business days to create an EFTPS Account. Therefore, you should create an account early.
The amount is deducted from a bank account which is provided at the time of account creation. You are only responsible to schedule your payment from an EFTPS Account.


1. Accuracy.
2. Secure Payment with EFTPS.
3. Convenience to create an account and to make payment.

Check or Money Order

The another and old payment method is paying through check or money order. You can File Tax Form 2290 and then make payment with check or money order. In check or money order payment method, you need to take the printout of payment voucher, 2290-V, from 2290 Tax Form then you need to mail it to an IRS.

Pay your 2290 Tax Online now

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